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Albrecht-Automatik BmbH

Electro pneumatic Safety Shut-Off valves and Dirt traps.
Gas valves according EN161. Oil valves according EN264, EN23553-1.

Pilot burners and burners

Compact burners with or without build-in electronics.

Gas armatures

Self-acting governors, Safety shut-off valves, Safety relief valves.
Low, medium and high pressure.

Durag Group

Burner Controls, Control Units, Flame monitors and sensors, High Energy Igniters

Gas- oil and combination burners

Industrial burners of high standard, high speed burners, flatflame etc

Regulators, controllers and indicators for panel montage

Gas armatures

Valves, filters, gas governors, selenoid valves, pressure switches, combination controls, burners, gas meters etc.

Gas- oil and combination burners

Burners up to ca 30MW.

Industrial burners

Gas and Oil.