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News 2020

Metso : Outotec

Have ordered 22 pcs. Coke gas burner system for a Nantong Ferrous (Zenith) project in china.



News 2019


In 2019 we received an order for APS-system 600.


News 2019

Alcoa Mosjøen

In 2019 we made a revamping of two APS-systems.

News 2018

Metso Minerals 

A very large project in 2018/2019 was Tata Steel India.

We delivered 30 burner system for pelletizing furnace.

Coke gas and tar oil as fuel, 4,1-5,85 and 7,3 MW with PLC-based BMS and safety system.

News 2018

Norcarb Engineered Carbons AB


In 2018, we carried out a new burner installation at Norcarb Engineered Carbons AB out in the oil port in Malmö.

The picture shows the gas inlet and, in the background wind box

38MW process gas.

News 2018

Bara Mineraler

In 2018, we receive an order from Bara Mineraler for a new gas and safety system on the belt furnace.

12 burners for heat treatment of soil masses were also made.



2015-02 Danisco Sugar in Arlöv, Sweden. New BMS for 3 pcs steam boilers. BMS made with ABB new burner block based in ABB 800 fail-safe PLC.
2015-01 Akzo Nobel, Chile. New BMS and gas armatures for a Hydrogen fired steam boiler in Chile.
2015-01 Akzo, Alby, Sweden. New updated safety system, Capacity increase and armatures for an hydrogen fired steam boiler.
2015-01 Alufluor, Helsingborg, Sweden. Convering to Natural gas. New BMS and safety system, new armatures.
2014-10 Paroc, Hässleholm, Sweden. System for dross burner, LPG and Oxygen.
2014-10 Farina, Lilla Harrie, Sweden. New stack for roasting furnace. Rebuildning roaster combustion chamber to achive uniform temperature.
2014-07 Pågen, Malmö, Sweden. Update och burner systems to fulfill new regulations. Rebuilding existing burners to electronic air/fuel ration, new BMS and new electrical and safety cabinets.



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