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2015-02 Danisco Sugar in Arlöv, Sweden. New BMS for 3 pcs steam boilers. BMS made with ABB new burner block based in ABB 800 fail-safe PLC.
2015-01 Akzo Nobel, Chile. New BMS and gas armatures for a Hydrogen fired steam boiler in Chile.
2015-01 Akzo, Alby, Sweden. New updated safety system, Capacity increase and armatures for an hydrogen fired steam boiler.
2015-01 Alufluor, Helsingborg, Sweden. Convering to Natural gas. New BMS and safety system, new armatures.
2014-10 Paroc, Hässleholm, Sweden. System for dross burner, LPG and Oxygen.
2014-10 Farina, Lilla Harrie, Sweden. New stack for roasting furnace. Rebuildning roaster combustion chamber to achive uniform temperature.
2014-07 Pågen, Malmö, Sweden. Update och burner systems to fulfill new regulations. Rebuilding existing burners to electronic air/fuel ration, new BMS and new electrical and safety cabinets.



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