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If there is no standard solution

We work close to our customer to find the best solution for the actual problem. From actual and agreed requirements are we designing a solution that are safe, robust and economical. There is no standard solution; we see every new project as unique. In the end the system should comply with the customer demands, having a low operation cost level with high efficiency and being environmentally friendly. It takes a tailor made solution on close cooperation with the customer.


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Industri-Teknik Bengt Fridh AB
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Burner system for off gases …

Burner system for off gases, for example gases with high concentration of hydrogen, coke oven gases or digester gas. These gases often contain higher hydrocarbon, condensable gases and are saturated with water vapour. Characterizing for these gases is that the gas composition varies during operation. The burner system has to meet very high standard to maintain complete combustion and low emission during all operation situations. Burner system can be constructed for dual fuel combustion with various kinds of liquids for example tar oil and solvent contaminated water.

Wastes with a small radioactive contamination are burnt …

Wastes with a small radioactive contamination are burnt in an incinerator. The gas passes through an extensive filter assembly to collect all solids which are sent to an ultimate storage site. The incinerator has been equipped with a new burner assembly for thermal destruction of turbine oil and activated carbon which are radioactive contaminated. In order to give right combustion conditions diesel oil is used as support fuel.

H2 combustion refrences 

EKA Chemicals                         USA                   2 pcs. of steam boilers 

EKA Chemicals                         Sweden            2 psc. of dryers/ 2 pcs. of steam boilers

EKA Chemicals Mo i rana       Norway             2 pcs. of steam boilers

Norwegian steelplant kW       Norway             Push through furnace

EKA Chemicals                          Brazil                2 pcs. of steam steam boilers

EKA Chemicals                          Chile                 2 pcs. of Steam boilers

Akzo Nobel Sundsvall              Sweden            1 pc. of steam boilers

Akzo Nobel Sundsvall              Sweden            Hot gas generator

EKA Chemicals                          USA                   Hot gas generator

Akzo Nobel Skoghall                Sweden            Steam boiler

Tetra Pak                                   Sweden             H2/O2 Glueburner