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Industri-Teknik Bengt Fridh AB designs and manufactures furnaces and furnace system for different kind of heat treating processes within steel industry, aluminium industry, ceramic industry and process industry. In our workshop we can manufacture holding furnace for temperature up to 1300 ºC as well as furnaces for drying, annealing, tempering and etc. In connection with changes in heat treating capacity or fuel we can revamp existing furnaces concerning governing system, fuel and burner installation and etc.

We can design and manufacture different kind of ovens according to the customer’s specification. It could for example be ovens for cremating of small animals, incineration of hazardous wastes, indirect heated ovens for pyrolysis processes and so on.


Heat treating oven

Heat treating oven for highly alloyed steels, charge 4 tonne and temperature 1250 ºC. The burner system includes four high velocity burners which are governed in a pulse control system. The burner air is heated in a heat recovery heat exchanger to approximately 200 ºC.


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Industri-Teknik Bengt Fridh AB
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